Tim Ferris Sleeping Guide

 Do you work late shifts?

Do you have problem falling asleep?

Well I DO

Spending a night out with your friends on a Party Bus in Milwaukee is a great way to have fun but definitely gets old. You don’t always end up feeling too good afterwards

I’ve began working late nights as a Limo Driver and could not fall asleep.  From one job working 3rd shift to another, I never could fall asleep.  My mind was always racing.

However, . Tim Ferriss teaches us his personal evening routine to achieve optimal relaxation and sleep. He discusses about the specific ways he de-stresses before going to bed. An hour before going to bed, he prepares a decaffeinated tea for himself. He currently uses the Douglas Fir Spring Tip by Juniper Ridge. Once he has steeped it in, he puts in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of unfiltered honey. He swears by this combination as it has effectively helped him sleep better. After drinking his tea, he then proceeds to read a book.

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